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The 90 Essential Nutrients Your Body Needs for Life

Wellness and true health is only attainable if it will radiate from a solid, fundamentally sound center. There is a central group of 90 essential or vital nutrients that has the exceptional positive effects in causing a vibrant health to the complicated human body and its multidimensional systems.

Are you aware that only 8 to 12 percent of the usual nutritional supplements available these days are absorbed by the body? This denotes that about 90 percent of the usual nutritional supplements are being flushed down the drain.

On the other hand, there are a lot of nutritional products that are 90 to 98 percent absorbable. Why is this so? The secret is that the exclusive source of the minerals derived from plants can significantly improve bioavailability or absorbability.

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The superior raw materials are combined with the state of the art processing as well as production, as a result, it is not questionable that these nutritional supplements will give you optimal results.

The minerals derived from plants are extracted from the humic shale which is the layer of the earth that was formed from the ancient mineral-laden plants. The humic shale is more superior in contrast to the other supplement sources that are commonly utilized such as dried sea beds or ground up rocks and betonite or ground up clay. In addition, these plant derived minerals have natural negative electric charge that has two significant advantages. First of all, it can improve the bioavailability and transport of the nutrients of the body and next, it is able to support the natural detoxification process of heavy metals and toxins from the body.

So this is why, taking nutritional supplements are crucial to your health. Keeping this in mind, they are just there to serve as supplement, so make sure to also have a healthy and well blanaced diet and the lacking nutrients will be supplemented by these nutritional supplements. Aside from these, there are indications why people must take nytritional supplements. Physicians would even prescribe it to their patients. Usually, the people who require nutritional supplements are the elderly ones, the pregnant and lactating women, women or ladies who just had their regular menstrual period, people who have an unhealthy lifestyle, people who have busy lofestyle, people who tend to eat a lot of hunk foods daily and a lot more.

Even if you are not one of these people, it is still crucial that you take nutritional supplements because you are not sure or most likely you dont know what are the nutritional value of your usual diet intake. As a result, it means of taking nutritional supplements, you can make sure that you have the needed nutrients for your body.

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